Education Kits, Videos and Books

Columbia Gorge Research is currently developing educational kits and supporting documentation for fiber optic sensor technology with the support of other companies. Links to educational kits recommended by Columbia Gorge Research will be posted on this web site as they become available.

Principal Investigator, Eric Udd, has worked with SPIE to develop a series of fiber optic sensor videos that can be found by accessing the SPIE web page and clicking "Education" and then "Videos". This series contains a general overview of fiber optic sensors by our president as well as a series of additional shorter videos on specific fiber optic sensors by Eric Udd and other collaborators.

Texts by Eric Udd include two books with Wiley, Fiber Optic Sensors: An Introduction for Engineers and Scientists, Wiley, New York, 1991 and Fiber Optic Smart Structures, Wiley, New York, 1995. Discussions are underway with Wiley for converting the general text into paperback to make it more affordable for educational or classroom settings as well as preparation of a second edition. These books can be used to strongly complement the SPIE fiber optic sensor video series.

In addition, Mr. Udd is currently working on a manuscript with SPIE on "How to Start a High Tech Small Business Almost Anywhere" based on having done so in a small town in Oregon. Projections are that this book, taken from over 30 years in developing business units and growing businesses, will be available in late 2006 or early 2007. This project is the first in a series of books intended to help optimize small business and individual performance drawn exclusively from Eric's life experience as an entrepreneur.