Research Facilities

Columbia Gorge Research is located on a 1.6 acre site in Fairview, Oregon approximately 10 miles east of Portland International Airport in a campus-like setting. It contains offices and labs in an 1800 square foot building, field test facilities and meeting/conference facilities in an adjoining 2700 square foot building.

About Fairview
Holly Hoyt welcomes you to her hometown of Fairvew, Oregon, where along with neighbors and friends, her goal is to share small town hospitality with you. Sporting eataries such as Dean & Marsha Hurford's Bumpers Grill, small shops along Market Street, and wooded areas & waterways, Fairview still remains a unique and wonderful place in which to raise our children. With a population of less than 10,000 people, our town stretches from the Columbia River on the North to the Salish Ponds on the South.